Are you a PC gamer that’s always on the go but have a budget? Worried that getting a cheap gaming laptop won’t let you run your favorite games at highest settings? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our website helps you find the best and most affordable gaming notebooks made by some of the biggest names on the market that still pack the punch of more expensive models, without you having to spend more. From high-end notebooks designed for performance to more balanced and scaled-back machines for everyday use, we’ve got it all and for cheap, too!

Our catalog contains affordable laptops built with fast processors, powerful video cards, and enough RAM and storage space to give you the best gaming experience for the lowest prices there are. Whether you’re casual gamers who enjoy kicking back for an hour or two, or you prefer duking it out over the internet with your friends for hours and maybe days on end, we’ve got something for everyone.

Buyer’s Tips:

Before buying your notebook, you have to take several factors into consideration that could affect your budget.

The first thing you should consider is how often you will be using it for video games. Cheap gaming laptops are usually so because they aren’t focused exclusively on gaming, giving you the opportunity to use it for other purposes. If games aren’t the only thing, you use your computer for having no fear: you won’t be sacrificing quality for price.

The price-to-performance ratio of an affordable gaming notebook is another important factor to consider, and this depends on the parts that make up the whole graphics cards, processors and the like. These determine the price, performance, and overall value of gaming notebooks, and many notebooks can maintain a high price-to-performance ratio while staying very affordable.While this ratio is always good to keep in mind when buying a gaming notebook, these features are what makes them either affordable or expensive.

Here is a list of options for helping you better set a budget range for buying your affordable gaming laptop:

Under $1000

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P$$$$5
ASUS N550JV$$$$4.5
Alienware M14x r2$$$$4.5

Acer Aspire V3 772G-9656$$$$4

To the most dedicated gamers out there who spend hours gaming on end but are tight on cash, look no further. These affordable notebooks, while extremely powerful and on the higher end of the market, are still very much affordable and have some of the best price-to-performance ratios out there. They are built with some of the fastest and finest dual-core and quad-core processors on the market, as well as powerful dedicated graphics cards that reach to the gigabytes, designed to provide die-hard gamers with a jaw-dropping gaming experience.

Combined with spacious 1TB hard drives (and sometimes an additional solid state drive for an additional to boost performance), ample amounts of RAM for lightning-fast performance, and stunning monitor resolution, these are serious laptops for serious gamers.

Under $900

Affordable gaming laptops under $900 are built for dedicated gamers who want to unleash their laptop’s full potential and to run the most demanding games on the market. These machines are heavy duty, built with higher-end dual-core and quad-core processors and at least 6GB of DDR3 RAM. Graphics cards for these laptops are powerful, with graphics chips reaching up to 1TB of dedicated virtual memory.

As well as that, many notebooks in this price range have an optical drive that enables support for playing 3D games! Storage is also massive in these laptops: although most come equipped 500GB-700GB hard drives, many come loaded with 1TB hard drives for maximum storage capacity. The standard monitor size for these models is between the standard 15”-18”, giving gamers the choice between portability and added visual power. Whatever your preference may be, power in these laptops is certain and if power is what you’re looking for then look no further.

Under $800

When things get demanding these are the laptops, you want to have around: these laptops are dedicated to run just about any game out there. With the specs to prove it plus the price tag that anyone can agree with, a great gaming experience could be more available to you than you think. Graphics cards are dedicated and are capable of running some of the most demanding PC games out there; In addition, most laptops here are built with 15” and 17” monitors in standard HD, delivering to gamers stunning visuals.

It goes without saying that these computers come packed with power, and they have the processors and RAM to prove it.With both dual and quad-core processors and between 6GB and 8GB of RAM, these affordable laptops are some of the best models available for dedicated gamers who want a little more punch for an unbeatable price.

Under $700

Laptops in this price range come with a great price-to-performance ratio and are among some of the most affordable and reliable on the market. Laptops in this range start from a little more powerful than those in the more budget-friendly ranges below, but are still affordable and worth every penny. These cheap notebooks are assembled with quad-core and dual-core processors built for heavy-duty performance, and also come with at least 4GB of DD3 RAM for maximum performance. The storage space on these models range from 500 GB to 750 GB, and can reach sizes up to 1 TB.

In addition to that, many gaming laptops in this range also come built with solid state drives to give a performance an extra boost. Another bonus to notebooks in this range is their battery life: with up to 7 hours unplugged, these laptops are great for long, boring flights and train trips.

Under $600

These are usually the best options for the lowest prices and are catered to pretty serious gamers and come with a solid performance-to-price ratio. Laptops in this price range come built with quad-core and dual-core processors, and come with RAM that usually goes up to 6GB, although models that come with 8GB are also available. Graphics cards are either dedicated or integrated for these laptops, still enough to deliver great visuals and run games on at least medium settings.

Storage runs on standard hard drives and up to 750 GB, more than enough for casual gamers who like to game on the go. If you’re looking for an affordable gaming experience without wanting to make heavy sacrifices for performance or price, then these affordable gaming laptops are for you.

Under $500

Dell Inspiron 15r Dell Inspiron 15R$$4.6
Toshiba Sattelite Toshiba L875D-S7332$$4.4
Samsung ATIV Book 2 Samsung ATIV Book $4.0
HP Pavilion g6 2210us ReviewHP Pavilion g6-2210us$

These cheap gaming laptops are built for more casual gamers and are built for multiple purposes. While they aren’t as powerful as the higher end models are, make no mistake: these computers still pack a punch and can still deliver on gaming needs. These models make use of more basic features, such as dual-core processors, integrated graphics cards and 4GB of ram, but many models also come with dedicated graphics cards and more RAM.

Most of these models come built with monitors 15.6”-and 17.3”, offering users portability and excellent visuals. For storage, these laptops are built with hard drives that have 500 GB internal memory, but some models go up to 750 GB, enough for the casual gamer to enjoy quality gaming while still having space for other forms of media.


Notebooks that are built with fast and powerful quad-core and dual-core processors of the latest generation, but the most powerful processors aren’t always needed for a great gaming experience. Depending on the price range the type of processor, and thus the laptop’s performance, could also vary. Better processors mean better performance, but it could also mean a less affordable gaming notebook.

So before you go and purchase a laptop, figure out how much power you’ll need and if you’ll be playing a lot of games, and how powerful these games are going to be.

Graphics Card:

No affordable gaming notebook is complete without a powerful graphics card to bring your experience to life.While many games run just fine on integrated chips that come built into the processors, dedicated graphics chips are what dedicated gamers are looking for. Dedicated chips contain more virtual memory than their integrated counterparts, which means better graphics and top-notch performance. Casual gamers will make do with integrated chips and lower settings, but having a little more video power never hurt anyone.


The RAM used for these laptops starts at 4GB and goes up to 16GB for more performance-heavy machines. The higher the RAM, the higher the performance, but the price could also rise and could put your dream laptop out of your budget. 4GB is usually enough, but for bigger (usually multiplayer and open-world) games it’s always a good thing to have around.

Hard Drive and Storage:

PC games are memory-intensive applications, and the best gaming laptops have to be built with powerful hard drives with plenty of space in order to manage the storage of games.These hard drives start at 500 GB and go up to 1TB, but many laptops come built with hard drives that have space in between this range, usually going to 750 GB. PC games are known for being memory-intensive programs, but cheaper laptops for casual gamers usually stick to 500GB since there won’t be many games to occupy the hard drives, but many cheap gaming laptops come built with hard drives that measure up to 750GB., offering a great balance between price and storage space.

Monitor Resolution:

This determines the size and weight of the laptop. Bigger monitors deliver better video quality but also make the laptop heavy and difficult to transport. Smaller monitor size makes notebooks more portable, but might not deliver the same performance as their bigger counterparts. Monitor size does not usually affect the laptop’s price, and many high-resolution laptops are available for quite cheap.

Electrical power, expansion, speed, battery life, and customizability were the five key problems obstructing the improvement of affordable gaming laptops. While desktops feature with plenty of room to stuff inefficient graphics cards, laptops have limited resources on this area. In addition, yet a desktop can opt rather a lot limitless power and make use of many fans for cooling the parts, cheap gaming laptops do not have this type of luxuries. Accordingly, the development of convincingly priced notebooks was slow, muffled by the restrictions of the platform.

With lessening element sizes and reduce electrical power demands in toting up to enhance cooling solution, cost-effective gaming notebooks have rise to be an actuality rather than a delusion. This kind of producing companies has dedicated ineffective mechanism in lightweight, fitting top rated tier, tough and low-cost laptops – an effective engineering feat offered the size of a normal laptop. Today, a regular client has a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing a cost-efficient laptop.