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The best laptop buyer’s review and guide (summer 2019)

World of electronics, especially laptops and PCs is constantly changing. It’s probably the fastest developing market in the whole world now so it is not surprising that it may be confusing for some people who are not familiar or working with it everyday. Check out more here

Need to buy something new but haven’t been up to date with the market? Our team has done some work to create a comparison between top 10 market laptops right now and categorised them by the usage destination. That comes with office use, gaming, and just basic usage. We’ve decided to cut out everything below the minimal line of parameters since in modern times the basic software may be too much to handle for low specified devices. This guide will not support some 150$ laptops since you will probably be dissapointed with it and have negative experience and that is not what we are aiming for. The budget line starts with 400$ which is in our opinion a mininum price you want to pay for a laptop that won’t make you scream and throw it out of the window and we will go up with the prices to the best hardware possible in the market right now.

We want to bring up the NVIDIA and their new turing GPUs which are allowing for laptops to have even better performance in terms of gaming. That combined with improved CPUs from Intel influence the fact that there was never a better time for people who want to buy laptops. We have lightweigh devices that are thin with powerful insides.

Also, the thing we want to add is the trend for no DVDs in all modern laptops since producers have decided to not include them. That may be result of cloud data and improved memory of portable external drives aswell as reducing size of the device. This comes with improves USB port technology and faster transfer speed.

Dell Inspiron 13 500 2 in 1 i5

Dell Inspiron 13

When you are on the run but still need to get work done this is probably the best choice for you. A lot of computing capabilities packed into a small and light case. Parameters: 3.50 lb with new 8th generation core i5 1.6 Ghz quad core procesor. The ram is 8 GB DDR4 and 256 GB drive. 1920 x 1080 screen 13.3”.

Asus Zenbook UX331UA – AS51

Asus Zenbook UX331UA

This one is my personal favorite as I am in posession of it right now. It’s ultralight and perfect when traveling but also comes with great parameters. 2.5 lb and only 0.5” thick! 8th generation core i5 1.6 Ghz quad core procesor with Turbo. 13.3” screen and 8 GB of ram, 256 GB drive.

HP Envy 13 – ad 120 nr

HP Envy 13

Whole team agreed that this is the best professional laptop you can get. Of course, you can get some monster with bunch of useless things inside but why would you overpay? Here, for a reasonable price you get one of the best processors on the market right now – Core I7 quad core with turbo boost to 4 GHz. 14 hours of battery life and 2.92 lbs makes this baby a real monster you can just throw in your bag and forget about it. 8 GB of ram and 256 GB drive. 13.3” touchscreen makes you wanna stick to it forever. We actually loved reviewing this beauty and our team enjoyed working on it.

LG Gram 13Z980

Ultralight laptop packed with i7 processor and turbo boost. Standard 8 GB ram and 256 drive. Sure, some may complain that you are overpaying additional 300 $ just to drop a pound but this may be a great deal for some. The battery is a huge deal here, producers made sure that the team put in enough work since you can work up to 18 hours. Featherweight laptop that will make no difference in your lugage when traveling.

Microsoft surface Pro 6 w/ Type Cover

To be honest, we are not fans of microsoft software or hardware but we would have to be blind and stupid not to include this one. This device works just as good as it looks and let’s be real here: it’s just beautiful. The smooth case and everything, we just love it for the sake of the appearance. It’s like dating a girl who may not be smartest but she is cute. Parameters: Intel’s Core i7 quad – core with turbo boost, 12.3” touchscreen, 2736 x 1824 resolution. 16 GB of ram and 1 TB drive – this one is huge since most of laptops we have reviewed were in range of 256-512 GB. Some may tell it’s not necessary because you can always just buy external for a low price, but we still think this may be useful for some people.

Gamer’s equipment

I remember myself that I told my friends and my brother that I would never run a laptop and PCs are the best and that there is no way I would buy laptop to play games but to be honest things have changed and my mindset has changed.  The laptops now

Asus ROG Strix Scar II

Asus ROG Strix Scar II

Gaming laptop under 2000 $? No problem mate, just hold my beer. If someone told me that 5 years ago, I would take his beer and chug it in a second, since I would thinkg that this person has had enough. This baby

MSI GE75 Raider

MSI GE75 Raider

You can really have it all with this one. Just hands down for producers and manufacturer. Parameters: Intel Core i7 six core with turbo boost up to 4.5 GHz, GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB GPU and 1 TB SSD! I couldn’t believe this one. SSDs are the best drives on the market right now and 1 TB is just enormous amount of fast transfering data possibilities for you. 32 GB of ram and 17.3” 1920 x 1080 screen. Despite the monster parameters this beauty weighs just 5.75 pounds so you can still put it in your bag and enjoy the journey.

Summing things up…
We have tried to cover the hottest things on the market right now and decide what would be best for each purpose. We hope you have found something for yourself. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at the email given in the bottom.

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