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The ultimate headset buyer’s guide (summer 2019)

If you do not follow the market and you are looking for the advice on what headset you need to buy you came to right place. It is easy to fall out of the loop and there are just so many good brands to check out that you simply may not have time for that.

I remember buying my first headset. I was 16 and I had some depressive episodes. I felt very lonely and found happiness in solitude and games. I was also very insecure about my voice but I tried to play with other people and interact with them. I thought that without the voice communication it was not possible to win team games like Dota 2. I went to the electronic store with my parents and immediately knew that I wanted these –  CREATIVE FATALITY GAMING HS-800. They felt amazing for me. Little did I know back then, that the market is enormous and I could get way better pair for the same amount of money.

There was not many of buyer’s guides back then. That is why I decided to create these, so young, unexperienced people will not follow my mistakes and discover all the range of amazing products. Without further talking, let’s get down on it.

Spring/Summer 2019 brought many new models and features and our team definitely was excited to test these out.

Some people argue about superiority of wirless devices over the wired ones. We will just state the facts. Wired headsets are definitely better when comparing the quality of sound, even though an amateur person will not see the difference. The wireless devices are way more convenient and comfortable, thus we recommend these for daily, recreational use.

Does not matter if you want to play games, compose your own music or just want to listen to your favorite CD, you will find something for yourself.


ultimate headset

This branch is definitely most popular lately as gaming community is growing and growing. Thanks to platforms like people want to try out living of gaming, thus the growth. Our bets are:

Cloud Stinger by HyperX

Probably the best in the decent range of price. You will not be disappointed if you purchase it. Built in microphone makes it easier to communicate with your teammates so you can crush your opponents. No flashing lights and fancy design, simple analog cables but trust us, you will totally love it.

Logitech G935 Wireless Headset

Definitely best high end headset we had pleasure to test. Double platinum finishing and 50 mm cable make sure that you will have the best experience during your games. 7.1 Virtual Surround is the way to go if you play games like CS : GO as you will hear your opponents even from behind you. No more backstabbers you had no idea about, with this technology you will precisely know where is the enemy without having to see him. This baby has it all: comfort, quality, features and looks.

Logitech Z623

Last but not least. Huge bass boost packed in this 2.1 high quality headset. Back then before company was devoured by larger corporation you had array of models and you could personalize your headset. Is it better or worse that we have only one now? Well it depends, at least you do not have to wonder which color to choose, you just simply select and get it delivered for you. 200 Watt of power will make sure your ears tremble.

Home Theater

Games are not the only way to go with the sound. Most of people choose to buy home theater with 7.1 sets and surrounding devices, but some prefer to roll with the headset and we respect that. Let’s get down with the list

Samsung HW – R550

Samsung was always the leader when it came to sound systems. The South Korean company just knows what is right and they are making trends in modern market, I would say roughly 90% of other companies just copy their ideas and innovations. They elegant device is within the mid range but trust me, you do not have to pay enormous money to have high quality sound. Built in Bluetooth functionality makes it possible for you to connect your personal device, whether it is laptop or smartphone and play your favorite jams. The device is created for all purpose use, movies, games, even ambient sounds when all you want to do is lie down and relax to the sounds of forest and chirping birds from tall trees.

Home / Office

Office headset

I do not know how about you, but I am addicted to music or to listening to some things on YouTube when doing home stuff. Whether it is making my meal, washing dishes or cleaning the floor I just have to listen to something, I could not go without it. Desktop PCs usually do not have internal speakers, and you do not really want to carry your laptop all around your house – it may be dangerous – your best choice is to buy a portable speaker or have wireless headset, wireless because you would not want the wires to catch onto something. You usually want the sound as background when having some party or work time, so the set should be inexpensive and portable. This is why our choice is Creative Inspire T10. This mid range speaker is great choice because it is inexpensive and looks neat. The black design will fit everywhere as black color is just universal. PS. We strongly NOT recommend you to buy speakers with subwoofer in this price range, as the sound will be low quality and you will just obtain bumpy black box with no purpose other than annoying you.

When on the road

Bass should not be your main concern, as it is a more expensive feature in speakers and you usually do not want to annoy other people with the low sounds. Premium earphones range back then would start at 100$ and above. Now the market is bigger and the prices went lower so you do not have to worry that much about it. Our recommended choice is Symphonized NRG Wood Headphones. The wooden design in this price range is just out of this world as it looks as premium product. 20$ for this device is a real bargain and if you are looking for cheap headset for your daily commute then it should be your choice. Another choice other than headset is Tribit XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This device means party everywhere you go. Your friends will love you if you bring the surprise music into your meetings, trust me, I have been considered as shy guy and did not really enjoy going out. My mum saw that and she was worried. While trying to help me and make me get out of the house she got us a new speaker. I brought it once with me to school and my only friend, who was considered as “cool guy” said that this speaker is awesome and I should bring it to the party they are making that night. I felt enormous resistance to even get out of my room that night, but my mum forced me, she even drove me there. When I rang the door bell I just wanted to run but my friend opened and it turned out that their speakers went down because someone poured beer into it and I saved the party, people were nice to me and it kinda got me out of my shell. The story may be a little wishy washy but it is true and I have had great memories with that speaker

Cloud Stinger by HyperX


We made this list and all the tests in the period of last few months and we put our hearts into it, along with much effort. Our whole team enjoyed making this article and preparing for it since we love listening to music. We have 3 different speakers at our office and we play music in our free time or brainstorms as we think it helps with the thinking. We hope this list will help you at some point, if not with pointing you precisely what device to buy, then with deciding between the speakers you have had in mind. Our whole team had party yesterday as this article is our 100th in the same team since the beginning. We wanted to thank you for checking out our article and we strongly encourage you to bookmark the webpage and visit us more often. Have a great day!

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