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Top 3 websites where you can find Freelancers in 2019

find Freelancers in 2019

Do you need to create a logo? Or maybe you have an idea for a mobile app? Without the right skills, you can’t handle it yourself. Websites to hire freelancers in 2019 who can complete important assignments come with help. Check out our list of the 5 best websites with convenient features where you can find a specialist for a reasonable price.

What criteria should be taken into account to find the best website?

First of all, many websites are not adequately protected against frauders and scammers, so when choosing an employee you need to keep your head cool and common sense. Mostly websites to hire freelancers in 2019 on will allow you to post jobs for contract workers to bid on. However, we wanted to save your time and money, we will focus on sites that will allow you to hire vetted freelancers.

  • Cost – we’ve chosen sites with standard freelancer transaction fees less than 5%
  • Comfort of use – websites that will help you find a freelancer worker and process payments online
  • Reviews and ratings system – following the opinions of other users you will be able to choose a reliable employee
  • Tracking & Communication Tools – the best sites provide communication channels with the freelancer and the ability to monitor the progress of the order
  • Dispute Resolution – most sites provide methods for resolving disputes, such as product incompatibility with the order

1. Upwork


Upwork is the perfect service for a small company from any industry. This service stands out from the competition very good opinions of users. Thanks to a wide range of services you will find freelancers of all types. Currently, it has 10 million registered users, so guided by many opinions, you will find the employee you need.

Upwork Pricing

Registration is fully free, and you pay freelancers based on rates which you set by ordering a job. After completing the order, Upwork charges 2.75% of the transaction fee from business customers – much lower than other sites.

Upwork Features

The main advantages are the upgrade options available with the Plus and Business accounts. They are recommended for frequent users of Upwork because they allow for sifting less qualified workers. You can post a jobs in Upwork in 2 ways:
– Hourly
– Fixed Price Project

Hiring a worker on Upwork

You can find the conscientious employee using the basic filters. You are not sure about the right choice but it is worth relying on the success rating. However, when investing in higher Upwork Plus and Business packages, they ensure a high level of experience and skills of the freelancer. For a small fee website finds the right people for you.

Upwork Support

One of the biggest advantages of Upwork is the best customer service from all of the reviewed websites. In addition to standard communication channels like ticket or email, Upwork also provides a phone number on website available 24/7. Disputes are handled in two ways:
-For hourly work
-For fixed-price projects

Upwork Cons

With the growing popularity of Upwork attracts more and more scammers. You must be very careful when evaluating the freelancer and do your due diligence and research before investing money. After approving the milestone, no refund will be possible.

2. Fiverr


Fiverr is the best choice for companies that have fast and cheap work. You will find here many young talented freelancers and gig workers. You can order here the recording of a short video promoting your product, creating a presentation in power point or making a logotype for your project. Best of all, prices start at just $5.

Fiverr Pricing

The entry point at Fiverr is the lowest of all pages discussed and amounts to $5. The customer’s fee is higher than in the case of Upwork and it is 5%, but above USD 20 is fixed and amounts to 1$.

Fiverr Features

A distinctive feature and the biggest advantage of Fiverr is the largest selection of services. Here you will find almost all possible services delivered digitally.

Hiring a worker on Fiverr

Once on the Fiverr website you have to choose the type of service that interests you or use the search. After entering the fiverr website you have to choose the type of service that interests you or use the search engine. Fiverr uses an intuitive star rating system that will help you choose an honest freelancer.

Fiverr Support

Fiverr provides help through the user’s forum and via ticket on their website.

Fiverr Cons

The biggest problem is the high fee for small orders, which amounts to as much as 5%. You should also be very careful because many offers are of low quality.

3. Freelancer


Freelancer is a website with a very meaningful name that provides access to the largest number of global freelancers. You will find many employees from outside the US so you can negotiate lower rates and find help in projects based on other cultures and languages.

Freelancer Pricing

Post a job on Freelancer it’s free. The website charges a 3% fee on the negotiated rate so little more than on Upwork. If you want to save some time and need a reliable freelancer, you should buy a special service for 19 USD. Freelancer also has more advanced features like keeping your project confidential for $19 and let you advertise the job for $9.

Freelancer Features

Freelancer is the largest known site of this type and associates about 21 million workers. It has a unique post a job format, which is based on the principle of a competition for the best product. You provide details of your order, and many freelancers submit their entry. Only the winner gets paid. At Freelancer, you can hire an employee in three different ways:
– projects – translation of the documant and construction of the website
– contests – creation of the original logo for your company
– local jobs – data entry, execution of orders

Hiring a worker on Freelancer

On the Freelancer website you can watch the work of freelancers thanks to competitions. Before you hire an employee you can see how he can handle with small tasks.

Freelancer Support

Freelancer offers e-mail support and live chat 24/7. There is no hotline, but special guides are a great help.

Freelancer Cons

The main disadvantage is the lack of contact via phone and you can only dispute a project if you’ve set up an escrow account. You also can not request a refund from the winner of the contest.


Freelancers in 2019 on Fiverr or Upwork websites will perform small tasks for you for a small fee, so you will not have to hire many additional full-time employees. Each site charges fees but you get what you pay for, so it is especially worth hire qualified employees. Fiverr will be the best webiste to start due to low prices. However, if you are looking for the best profsonalists, please check out

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