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Zenbook UX330UA Review | Summer 2019 – Best Premium Ultra-Thin Notebook?

The ZenBook series by ASUS is probably my person favorite. I was always a fan of minimalism and these notebooks are just definition of it. Do not get fooled by this thin and neat design as it is packed with most powerful modules one could find on the market. This review might be a little biased because of it, but I am also going to talk about some flaws I have noticed during my 2 years of usage.

ASUS ZenBook UX 330 UA is nothing about compromises. The first time I read about it, the dimensions and weight I thought “There is no way for it to be enough for video production or some more resources taking tasks, there is just not enough space for good components”. I could not be more wrong. The designers have made a marvellous job with using the limited space to its fullest and as the result we have powerful, premium Notebook which makes no difference to you when you put it in your bagpack. The UX 330 UA is not just a small upgrade from its previous version, the UX 305 UA. It is thinner, making it 0.53 inches and lighter, 2.6 pounds. The specification is also different.

ZenBook Review

The heart – processor

The 8th generation Intel Core CPU is a real deal. Core i5 – 8250U has performed with no flaws in other notebooks we have testes as well and it is not different in this model.

Anti – glare screen coat makes it possible to use it even outdoors or when blinding light is falling right onto your screen. Strong contrast makes good also in dark room, when you may be working at night or just chilling, drinking beer, playing games or watching movies with your significant other. You can choice the level of brightness so it fits your needs perfectly.

Built in speakers authorised by Harman & Kardon are just astonishing. Funny story, I have been using my laptop for a year with built in, internal speakers (the quieter ones). After that time, I have decided to format it and recover. It started with all the drivers provided by manufacturer and it also installed the sound drivers that I have uninstalled after I got my hands on laptop (I am kind of minimalist freak as I have mentioned before so I just got rid of everything that was not baseline necessary). I was very, very surprised when I turned some song on with the right speakers activated and I heard this clear, loud sound with deep bass that was making the table tremble.

ZenBook Review

Not only positives

Any flaws? When using its full power, the cooling system is sometimes not efficient enough. I do not mean that your Notebook will overheat and melt itself, but it is not very comfortable to use it because of the case temperature. It is so hot that you can not put your hands on it.

The ASUS ZenBook UX 330 UA is not just a mobile workstation. It is also great for day to day use like watching movies, doing some writing as it has great keyboard layout, it is ergonomic, and your hands will not get tired even after several hours of work.

The Notebook is not the best choice if you are looking for a gaming laptop. The ZenBook Review does not recommend its built in graphic card is just not sufficient enough. We have tested games from past years, and it is just not enough, the laptop is overheating, and fps is dropping in hot moments.

Battery performance is also not on the top level, but it is normal for its category. These are the effects of intervention. It is the best cheap laptop review. ZenBook by ASUS is totally new category of laptops and our redaction just love it.

The background tests

We had mixed feelings when the laptop came to our office but everybody just loved it. It is thin and the design is just on the point. Few people decided to purchase their own ZenBook after the tests and they are using it up until now. The regional manager has the premium offer with no new feature so he decided to upgrade it to the latest model.

In our opinion, laptops are not meant for gaming. The PC is just way better for that purpose as it has much more space and you have more options when it comes to cooling the modules down, especially the processor and graphic card, whereas in laptops it is not that simple. Water cooling which is an option in stationary PCs is also a trend now.

How is it looking now?

Notebooks were meant to be only for mobile work but the advancements in technology made it possible to go even further. Now we see people walking around with their laptops, sitting in cafes and doing all the types of work. In modern times we can possibilities to earn money without leaving house. Are you willing to put in the work? It may be tough for people to have enough discipline, as I have also had this stage. When you start working and there are just so many things popping into your head. Suddenly, there is million other things you need to do or check out right now. Check it out here.

New facebook posts, browse the reddit. Put the new Instagram post. Oh you had to clean the bathroom. The dinner will not prepare itself and the kitchen also has to be clean. The procrastination is devil of modern times and so many people are affected by it. There are some ways to get around it. One is to use software Cold Turkey which can block certain websites for the time of your work and there is no way to ger around it. We strongly recommend you to check it out and give it a try. There is a trial version where you can figure out if it works for you and you may decide to purchase the full version and support authors.

The benchmark

Movies these times, especially Blu-ray can take up a lot of space on your computer and downloading them is a tough process as it may take up to twelve hours, depending on quality of your internet connection. Many modern laptop manufacturers decide not to put DVD reader or writer module so it is impossible to purchase a disk and watch it on your laptop. The external disks are the future as their speed and quality is doubling up each consecutive year and this is probably not going to stop in the near future. What about music? Actually, the quality is increasing along with compression possibilities. Modern albums are not that space consuming on our electronic devices and we can listen to it from cloud without even having it on our disks.

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